About the Program

The Resolution Health Weight Management Program

Your medical provider will guide you every step of the way as you move through the program phases to lose weight and reduce weight related diseases. We understand that you will have challenges at times, but we will provide solutions to help you tackle the most difficult situations. The program has been developed with hundreds of years of professional experience and will help you lose weight and maintain it.

Phase One Get It Off


The Weight Loss Phase provides a key initial opportunity to begin focusing on behaviors that impact your weight and health as you lay a foundation for healthier habits for life. To support these healthy habits, we help you incorporate a step-by-step fitness program to help you develop a more active lifestyle. Our medical provider is available at every visit to listen to your feedback, assess your progress, and offer suggestions to maximize your results.

The Weight Loss Phase

This phase which includes tasty and nutritious Resolution Health packaged food, is a critical first step in your journey to quiet all of the noise and distractions that negatively impact your eating habits. Every day, our bodies send and receive messages about food that impact when, what, and how much we eat. Some are logical, such as “What will I eat for dinner tonight?” Other messages are psychological, such as “That cookie looks good, I just have to eat it.” TV commercials, packaging in the grocery store, food on a coworker’s desk, restaurant outings, mid-afternoon slumps, evening sofa time, or even midnight urges are other stimuli to eat that don’t depend on true hunger cues. Other challenges include the abundance and easy access of food in restaurants and grocery stores. To help you make the best choices for your successful plan, the Get It Off Phase includes Resolution Health Products and Entrées along with vegetable, fruit and dairy servings.

The Get It Off Phase helps you to:

  • Eliminate the burden of thinking, obsessing and decision-making that come with making food choices
  • Become aware of unhealthy behaviors impacting your weight
  • Establish a routine for structured, planned eating
  • Reduce the need to be concerned about determining food portions
  • Focus on determining the feelings of hunger and fullness by incorporating mindful eating habits
  • Incorporate better fitness through incremental increases in daily activity
Phase Two Start Living It


The Get It Off Phase prepares you for this next phase because you will have worked on developing a solid foundation for a healthier relationship with food and increased activity. Now it’s time to head into the second exciting phase:
Start Living It!

The Thoughtful Transition Phase

This phase is a stepped approach where you will thoughtfully transition—one meal at a time—from the Resolution Health food products to an equal calorie meal of non-packaged food. Because you maintain the same calorie level as the first phase, you will continue to lose weight. These transitions will be triggered by target weight loss milestones identified by your medical provider. And at each step in the transition to regular food, you will focus on portion control and meal planning to include snacks. Your medical provider will work to develop the healthy meals based on your particular food choices. You will learn appropriate serving sizes and food substitutions so you are able to continue to lose even more weight.

The Start Living It Phase helps you to:

  • Slowly replace the packaged food with your own food choices in proper portions to allow for continued weight loss
  • Incorporate behaviors that reinforce lifelong weight management success, such as navigating food choices at work or home, and celebrating success in healthy ways
  • Continue to advance in your fitness level, with both incremental daily changes and more structured fitness activities

At each transition, your medical provider will help you set behavioral, nutrition and fitness goals and support you as you strive to reach your ideal health potential.

Phase Three Keep It Off


During the Keep It Off Phase, your weight and health are monitored to ensure your healthy habits and new lifestyle are truly a part of your core foundation to ensure weight maintenance. It is important to beware of the biggest challenge during this phase; people often get to this phase and feel like they will never return to their heavier, unhealthy habits.

The Maintenance Phase

This phase is critical for your long-term weight maintenance. We are proud of your success! But beware of false optimism—realize that it is critical to remain engaged in the program so our medical provider can continue to guide you with new ideas to support the healthier and successful you.

The Keep It Off Phase helps you to:

  • Sustain your weight loss accomplishments and improved health
  • Accept your new habits as a way of life
  • Identify, appreciate and embrace the new you
  • Continue to participate in a more active lifestyle

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